Come in and enjoy a cold one at The Trading Post. Local, relaxed mountain atmosphere and fully stocked bar with beer on tap, or in a bottle. Mixed drinks and top of the line wines, we’ve got it all, or we’ll get creative!


Imported & Premium Beer $5

Guinness, Negra Modelo, Sierra Nevada, Sam Adams, Bass, New Castle, Dos Equis, Dos Equis Amber, Heineken, Pacifico, Corona, Corona Light, Blue Moon, Fat Tire, Stella Artois, Rolling Rock

Domestic Beer $4

Budweiser, Budweiser Light, Budweiser Light Lime, Coors, Coors Light, Miller Genuine Draft, Michelob Ultra

Non-Alcoholic $4

O’Doul’s, St. Paulis


Tobin James, Paso Robles

Chardonnay “Radiance” – $8.00/glass – $24.00/bottle
Cabernet Sauvignon “Notorious” – $8.00/glass – $28.00/bottle
Syrah “Rock and Roll” – $8.00/glass – $28.00/bottle
Merlot “Made in the Shade” – $8.00/glass – $28.00/bottle
Zinfandel “Ballistic” – $8.00/glass – $28.00/bottle
Petite Syrah “Black Magic” – $8.00/glass – $28/bottle
Ask about our Tobin James Specials

Clo Du Bois, Sonoma

Cabernet Sauvignon – $7.00/glass – $27.00/bottle
Chardonnay – $7.00/glass – $24.00/bottle
Pinot Noir – $7.00/glass – $27.00/bottle
Merlot – $7.00/glass – $27.00/bottle

Still Waters Vineyards, Paso Robles

Chardonnay – $9.00/glass – $34.00/bottle
Sauvignon Blanc – $9.00/glass – $34.00/bottle
Cabernet Sauvignon – $9.00 /glass – $34.00/bottle
Merlot – $9.00/glass – $36.00/bottle
Syrah – N/A – $36.00/bottle

Windward, Paso Robles

Windward Pinot Bottle – $52.00/bottle

Champagne & Sparkling Wines

Tobin Dream Weaver Bottle – $15.00/bottle
Moet & Chandon Bottle – $60.00/bottle

Trading Post House Wines

Chardonnay – White Zinfandel – Cabernet Sauvignon
Carafe – $17.00 Half Carafe – $11.00 Glass – $6.00


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