The Trading Post was established in 1927 by John and Velma Harshman and was the first business in Shaver Village. Initially it served as a real estate office, post office, store and diner. Today, with it’s rustic interior of a sugar pine bar and quartz fireplace, as well as the beautiful outside dining area in the relaxing garden with a beautiful waterfall, The Trading Post makes for an exquisite attraction for everyone to enjoy.

The Trading Post is a family owned and operated business. Executive Chef Steve Elming and his children, Sophia and Saylen, work hard to make sure your dining experience is one you will truly enjoy. The Elmings are local to Shaver Lake and take pride in their community and its surrounding area as well as what they serve you here at the dinner house.

Many are surprised to find such fine dining in a small mountain community until they learn that Steve acquired his extensive culinary training from some of the finest chefs, working alongside them on yachts while traveling the world. From this experience he brings an excellence and diversity to his menu that is hard to find even in a larger city.

Once you have eaten at The Trading Post Dinner House there is no surprise that you will want to come back again and again. The Elmings’ make it their goal to make your dining experience one that you will remember and share with your friends.

Thanks for dining with us and we hope to see you again soon.
The Elming Family
Steve, Sophia, Saylen